The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

Richard J. Dewhurst

A learn of the colossal facts for a former race of giants in North the USA and its 150-year suppression by means of the Smithsonian establishment

• exhibits how millions of big skeletons were came across, rather within the Mississippi Valley, in addition to the ruins of the giants’ towns

• Explores four hundred years of big reveals, together with newspaper articles, first individual money owed, nation ancient documents, and illustrated box experiences

• unearths the Stonehenge-era megalithic burial advanced on Catalina Island with over 4,000 massive skeletons, together with kings greater than nine ft tall

• contains greater than a hundred infrequent pictures and illustrations of the misplaced proof

Drawing on four hundred years of newspaper articles and images, first individual debts, nation ancient documents, and illustrated box stories, Richard J. Dewhurst unearths not just that North the USA was governed via a sophisticated race of giants but additionally that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing the actual facts for almost one hundred fifty years. He indicates how millions of huge skeletons were unearthed at Mound Builder websites around the continent, simply to vanish from the historic checklist. He examines different hid immense discoveries, equivalent to the enormous mummies present in Spirit Cave, Nevada, wrapped in nice textiles and relationship to 8000 BCE; the masses of red-haired bathroom mummies came upon at sinkhole “cenotes” at the west coast of Florida and relationship to 7500 BCE; and the ruins of the giants’ towns with populations in far more than 100,000 in Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Dewhurst exhibits how this suppression started presently after the Civil warfare and reworked into an outright cover-up in 1879 while significant John Wesley Powell was once appointed Smithsonian director, launching a strict pro-evolution, pro-Manifest future schedule. He additionally finds the Twenties’ discovery on Catalina Island of a megalithic burial complicated with 6,000 years of continuing burials and over 4,000 skeletons, together with a succession of kings and queens, a few greater than nine toes tall--the facts for that is hidden within the restricted-access facts rooms on the Smithsonian.

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