The Alchemy of Sexual Energy: Connecting to the Universe from Within

The Alchemy of Sexual Energy: Connecting to the Universe from Within

Mantak Chia

Taoist concepts for replenishing our inner power with common cosmic strength

• indicates how one can remodel extra sexual power (Ching Chi) into self-healing power

• offers complicated Cosmic therapeutic Chi Kung practices, which assemble the unlimited assets of Cosmic Chi for therapeutic

• Explains how beginning of the 3 tan tiens to the six instructions permits own attention to attach on to larger assets of strength

Taoists think of our sexual strength to be the inventive strength that we will use to regenerate the body’s inner strength, yet we needs to how one can harness extra sexual power and rework it into chi, or life-force power. once we move the sexual power within the Microcosmic Orbit--a non-stop strength loop that runs up the backbone and down front of the body--we rework it into self-healing power that may be kept within the organs and the 3 tan tiens: strength facilities within the mind, the center heart, and the decrease stomach. The Alchemy of Sexual Energy builds upon Microcosmic Orbit practices mentioned in Healing gentle of the Tao.

The extra we open the circulate of our inner power the extra able we're of connecting to the cosmic power that exists outdoors ourselves within the universe. through studying to open the 3 tan tiens to the six instructions, the Taoist practitioner combines brain energy with extension of chi to attract cosmic power into the physique. This strength, too, could be kept within the 3 tan tiens and used as wanted for therapeutic. after we discover ways to move during this method with the power of the Tao, existence ceases to be a fight.

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