The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty

The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty

Christopher Lane

The Victorian period used to be the 1st nice "Age of Doubt" and a severe second within the background of Western principles. major nineteenth-century intellectuals battled the Church and struggled to take in radical clinical discoveries that upended every thing the Bible had taught them concerning the global. In The Age of Doubt, unusual student Christopher Lane tells the interesting tale of a society less than pressure as almost all facets of lifestyles replaced abruptly.

In deft pictures of medical, literary, and highbrow icons who challenged the present spiritual orthodoxy, from Robert Chambers and Anne Brontë to Charles Darwin and Thomas H. Huxley, Lane demonstrates how they and different Victorians succeeded in turning doubt from a non secular sin into a moral necessity.

The dramatic adjustment of Victorian society has echoes at the present time as know-how, technological know-how, and faith grapple with ethical concerns that appeared incredible even a decade in the past. but the Victorians' situation of religion generated a much more looking out engagement with spiritual trust than the "new atheism" that has advanced this present day. extra profoundly than any iteration earlier than them, the Victorians got here to view doubt as inseparable from trust, inspiration, and debate, in addition to a much-needed antidote to fanaticism and unbridled walk in the park. against this, a glance at trendy extremes--from the biblical literalists in the back of the production Museum to the tension of Richard Dawkins's atheism--highlights our modern day lack of ability to embody doubt.

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