Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders (The Tara Duncan Series)

Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders (The Tara Duncan Series)

Twelve-year-old Tara Duncan has been constructing unusual telekinetic powers that permit her to bend area and levitate others excessive above the floor. Her top buddies, Betty and Fabrice—often the sufferers of Tara’s uncontrollable abilities—are the single ones who learn about Tara’s mystery: Tara is a spellbinder.

Descended from a protracted line of robust magic-wielders born on this planet OtherWorld, Tara isn't the same as her pals. whilst a guy with a masks, Magister, assaults her domestic, Tara escapes to OtherWorld, the place she reveals unswerving acquaintances and learns approximately her mysterious powers. but if Tara discovers that her mom is alive and held captive via Magister, will she have mastered her powers sufficient which will rescue her from his evil clutches?

This is the 1st booklet within the Tara Duncan series—a myth sequence choked with motion, event, and romance, involved in a heroine who will face hazard and betrayal with resilience, braveness, and magic.

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