Tales of Remarkable Birds

Tales of Remarkable Birds

Dominic Couzens

Throughout the chook international, examples of odd and likely inexplicable habit abound. For example:

Why do male Fairywrens carry flora to adult females as a nuptial present within the pre-dawn darkness? specially whilst the gift-givers usually are not the professional associates of the ladies involved, yet viewers, who moreover can provide those presents in complete view of the reliable mate?

Why do gangs of White-winged Choughs "kidnap" their acquaintances’ fledglings after which maintain them of their "gang"?

Which poultry is so colossal, robust, and fierce that tales of it killing people abound? This e-book appears at debts of murderous Cassowaries and explains simply what may have happened.

What occurs in an albatross "divorce"?

This publication divides the area via continent and takes a sequence of awesome tales from each one to demonstrate a superb range of chicken habit, each one studying the truths and the mythology in the back of each one instance. An fascinating booklet from an writer with a outstanding skill to interact his audience.

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