Tales from the Hood (Sisters Grimm, Book 6)

Tales from the Hood (Sisters Grimm, Book 6)

Michael Buckley

Funny, suspenseful, and fast moving, The Sisters Grimm keeps to attraction readers with its outrageous tackle regular fairy tales.
In Ferryport touchdown all people will get an afternoon in court—even the massive undesirable Wolf, a.k.a. Mr. Canis. while Canis is wear trial for prior crimes, Mayor Heart’s kangaroo courtroom is decided to discover him to blame. It’s as much as the Grimms to discover facts to avoid wasting their good friend, even though Sabrina begins to wonder if they'd all be more secure with the Wolf in prison. regardless of her misgivings, Sabrina and her sister, Daphne, examine what really occurred within the colossal undesirable Wolf’s most famed tale—and the genuine tale is stuffed with surprises!

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