Sweet Poison Quit Plan

Sweet Poison Quit Plan

David Gillespie

The candy Poison surrender Plan is the long-awaited 'how to' complement to the best-selling candy Poison. It features:

an evaluate of why sugar is undesirable and why we get addicted
a five-step plan to kicking the habit
tailored suggestion for males and women
a consultant to sugar-free procuring (how to learn the labels and what's safe/unsafe in every one grocery store aisle)
recipes for sugar-free treats (think ice-cream and cakes)
advice on dwelling sugar-free with kids
Packed with reader anecdotes and lists that can assist you organise your sugar-free existence, this publication offers essentially the most obtainable and achieveable recommendations round for removing extra weight and fending off the various extra pernicious way of life ailments which are more and more linked to over the top sugar intake. Gillespie is an educated and interesting author who makes his topic interesting, and evokes along with his ardour and good judgment.

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