Sushi for Beginners: A Novel

Sushi for Beginners: A Novel

Marian Keyes

Lisa Edwards

This Prada-wearing journal editor thinks her lifestyles is over while her "fabulous" new task seems to be a deportation to Dublin to release Colleen journal. the single saving grace is that her neighbors will not be there to witness her downward spiral. may her new boss, the matted and moody Jack Devine, shop her from a destiny worse than hell?

Ashling Kennedy

Ashling, Colleen's assistant editor, is an award-winning worrier, increasinglyaware that whatever basic is lacking from her existence -- except a boyfriendand a waistline.

Clodagh "Princess" Kelly

Ashling's ally, Clodagh, lives the household dream in a suburban castle.So why, in recent times, has she had the habitual urge to kiss a frog -- or sleep with afrog, if fact be told?As those 3 girls look for love, good fortune, and happiness, they willdiscover that in case you allow issues simmer lower than the outside for too lengthy, sooneror later they will boil over.

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