Strange Stones: Dispatches from East and West

Strange Stones: Dispatches from East and West

Peter Hessler

Full of unforgettable figures and an unrelenting spirit of experience, Strange Stones is a far-ranging, thought-provoking number of Peter Hessler’s most sensible reportage—a striking demonstrate of the robust storytelling, intelligent cultural perception, and hot humorousness which are the logos of his work.

Over the decade, as a employees author for The New Yorker and the writer of 3 books, Peter Hessler has lived in Asia and the U.S., writing as either local and a professional outsider in those very assorted areas. This strange viewpoint distinguishes Strange Stones, which showcases Hessler’s unequalled diversity as a storyteller. “Wild taste” invitations readers alongside on a style try out among rat eating places in South China. One tale profiles Yao Ming, basketball superstar and China’s such a lot liked export, one other David Spindler, an obsessive and passionate historian of the nice Wall. In “Dr. Don,” Hessler writes movingly a couple of small-town pharmacist and his dating with the folk he serves.

While Hessler’s matters and destinations range, sophisticated yet deeply vital thematic hyperlinks bind those pieces—the power of neighborhood traditions, the unbelievable overlap among it seems that opposing cultures, and the robust classes drawn from people who straddle various worlds.

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