Story's End (Storybound)

Story's End (Storybound)

Marissa Burt

Enter the paranormal land of tale during this sequel to Storybound, excellent for fanatics of Inkheart, The tuition for solid and Evil, and vintage fable stories like Ella Enchanted and The Neverending Story. young ones who love fairy stories, dragons, magic, and extra may be enchanted via Una Fairchild's unforgettable experience in Story's End.

Story is a land of speeding Heroes, dastardly Villains, and epic quests—and as soon as upon a time, a noble King. however the King vanished goodbye in the past that even the reminiscence of him is misplaced. Now a merciless Enemy plots to rewrite Story's destiny, and a normal woman named Una Fairchild could be the just one who can cease him. As Una and her buddies Peter and Indy race to defeat the Enemy, their quest will take them deep into the secrets and techniques of Story's previous . . . and Una's personal mysterious ties to this fairy-tale country and its long-forgotten King.

Discover the richly imagined international, lively solid of storybook characters, and undying charm of Story's End, which closes the publication on Una's experience "with an all-out bang" (ALA Booklist).

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