Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution

Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution

Leslie E. Sponsel

Award winner in technological know-how class on the annual eco-friendly booklet pageant in San Francisco, may well 17, 2014

An web look for "Spiritual Ecology" and comparable phrases like "Religion and Nature" and "Religion and Ecology" unearths millions of sites. Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution bargains an highbrow historical past of this far-reaching flow. prepared chronologically, it samples significant advancements within the innovations and activities of either ancient and modern pioneers, starting from the Buddha and St. Francis of Assisi to Wangari Maathai's eco-friendly Belt circulate and James Cameron's 2010 epic movie Avatar.

This foundational ebook is exclusive in that it offers a historic, cross-cultural context for figuring out and advancing the continued non secular ecology revolution, contemplating indigenous and Asian spiritual traditions in addition to Western ones. such a lot chapters concentrate on a unmarried pioneer, illuminating historic context and his/her legacy, whereas additionally connecting that legacy to broader matters. assurance contains subject matters as various as Henry David Thoreau and the fairway Patriarch BartholomeW's decades-long promoting of environmentalism as a sacred accountability for greater than 250 million individuals of the Orthodox Church world wide. for additional information, stopover at www.spiritualecology.info.

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