Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies

Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies

"There are historic secrets and techniques and classes hidden in nature. when you search for information, you can find truth." —Bobby Lake-Thom

Much of the traditional wisdom that has been handed down from local American medication males, or shamans is at risk of being misplaced. Bobby Lake-Thom, a local American healer often called drugs Grizzly undergo, has sought to maintain this robust historical past by way of sharing his knowledge and event studying from the area round us. the result's Spirits of the Earth, a unprecedented compilation of legends and rituals approximately nature's ever-present indicators. From the birds that start above us to the insincts underneath our ft, Bobby Lake-Thom exhibits how the creatures of the earth can reduction us in therapeutic and self-knowledge.

What does it suggest if a hawk appears to be like in a dream? What are the symbolic interpretations of a deer, a skunk, a raccoon? Lake-Thom, who has studied with the elders of many tribes, explains the importance of animal figures as manifestations of fine or evil, and exhibits how we will advance our personal powers of information and instinct. the 1st booklet of its sort, this useful and enlightening source comprises dozens of fashinating animal myths and legends, in addition to workouts and actions that draw upon animal powers for tips, therapeutic, knowledge, and the growth of non secular impacts in our lifes. you will discover here:

  • How animals, birds, and bugs act as symptoms and omens
  • The value of imaginative and prescient quests
  • How to make and use a drugs wheel
  • The function of spirit symbols—and how they impact the unconscious
  • Excercises for inventive dreaming
  • The energy of the earth-healing ceremony
  • How to extend your non secular energy and create sacred spaces
  • And more

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