Spike Lee's America

Spike Lee's America

David Sterritt

Spike Lee has directed, written, produced, and acted in dozens of flicks that current an expansive, nuanced, proudly opinionated, and richly multifaceted portrait of yank society. because the purely African-American filmmaker ever to set up a world-class occupation, Lee has paid acute recognition to the reports of racial and ethnic minorities. yet white women and men additionally play very important roles in his videos, and his curiosity in school, race, and concrete lifestyles hasn’t avoided his motion pictures from ranging over extensive swaths of the yank scene in tales as different because the audiences who view them. His defining trait is a willingness to elevate demanding questions on modern the US with no pretending to have effortless solutions; his photographs are designed to problem and galvanize us, now not ease our minds or pacify our feelings. the hole phrases of his 1989 masterpiece Do the appropriate Thing current his center message in emphatic syllables: “Wake up!”

Spike Lee’s America is a colourful and provocative engagement not just with the paintings of an outstanding filmmaker, but additionally with American society and politics.

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