Spider (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Spider (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Both attention-grabbing and scary, the spider has a wealthy symbolic presence within the mind's eye. right now a consultant of demise, as a result of its fangs and unsafe poison, the spider may also characterize existence and production, due to its complex net and ladies who hold sacs of millions of tiny eggs. during this wide-ranging ebook, Katarzyna and Sergiusz Michalski investigate the average historical past and cultural importance of the spider.

            From historic Greek fable to Dostoyevsky, the authors discover the looks of spiders in literature and their depictions in artwork, paying specific recognition to the sculptures of Louise Bourgeois. Horror tales, technology fiction, folklore, and children’s stories also are investigated, in addition to the disorder of arachnophobia and the systems used to remedy it. The organization of the spider with ladies or moms is explored along the function of the spider metaphor in Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysis, and the Michalskis’ in-depth account concludes with a glance on the detrimental portrayal of the sinister spider in film.

            an intensive and fascinating examine the normal and cultural historical past of the spider, this booklet will attract anyone who admires or fears this soft but harmful creature.


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