South: The ENDURANCE Expedition

South: The ENDURANCE Expedition

In 1914, because the shadow of warfare falls throughout Europe, a celebration led through veteran explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton units out to turn into the 1st to traverse the Antarctic continent. Their preliminary optimism is short-lived, in spite of the fact that, because the ice box slowly thickens, encasing the send patience in a death-grip, crushing their craft, and marooning 28 males on a ploar ice floe.

In an epic fight of guy as opposed to the weather, Shackleton leads his group on a harrowing quest for survival over one of the most unforgiving terrain on this planet. Icy, tempestuous seas packed with gargantuan waves, mountainous glaciers and icebergs, never-ending brutal chilly, and ever-looming hunger are their mortal foes as Shackleton and his males fight to stick alive.

What occurred to these courageous males eternally stands as a testomony to their self-discipline and the ability of human endurance.

This is their tale, as advised by way of the guy who led them.

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