Songs of the Soul

Songs of the Soul

Paramahansa Yogananda

The deep yearnings for divine love and pleasure which are inside of each one folks came across many-faceted expression within the lifetime of Paramahansa Yogananda - famous as one of many preeminent religious figures of our time, and writer of the acclaimed vintage Autobiography of a Yogi.

Songs of the Soul is an outpouring of his direct perceptions of God - God in nature, in guy, in daily studies, and within the spiritually woke up nation of samadhi meditation.

Most of those poems have been written in the course of Yogananda's early years within the usa. His writings usually are not the thought of renderings of a poet's fancies, yet a revelation of the internal expereinces of a soul ever conscious in Spirit, responding to the wonders of nature; to the thoughts of his liked motherland; to the deep impressions made via new associates and neighbors; mainly, to the divine realizations born of that soul's intimate communions with God.

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