Someday My Prince

Someday My Prince

Christina Dodd

The Princess needs to Marry

Princess Laurentia leads a fairy-tale lifestyles, attending glittering balls and donning appealing robes. yet after the ball is over, Laurentia unearths herself entering into bed...alone. She dutifully consents to decide on a husband, but if she casts her eyes over her sea of suitors, she does not see a unmarried guy worthwhile adequate to assert her.

But Who Will She Choose?

Then without notice, she is swept off her ft via Prince Dominick, soldier of fortune, black sheep of his family...and the fellow employed to guard her. he is brazen sufficient to scouse borrow her kisses, but soft adequate to assuage her with one contact. He makes no offers, speaks no vows of forever...yet Laurentia can not help yet wish that her prince has ultimately arrived.

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