Socialist Register 2014: Registering Class

Socialist Register 2014: Registering Class

Vol 50
Socialist sign up 2014: Registering Class
Table of Contents

Socialist sign in 2014 Preface
Leo Panitch, Gregory Albo, Vivek Chibber

The Walmart operating class
Arun Gupta

Reconsiderations of sophistication: Precariousness as proletarianization
Bryan Palmer

Capitalism, type and universalism: Escaping the cul-de-sac of postcolonial theory
Vivek Chibber

The underpinnings of sophistication within the electronic age: residing, labour and value
Ursula Huws

The British ruling class
Colin Leys

The new configuration of the capitalist class
Claude Serfati

Whither the transnational capitalist class?
William Carroll

The ecu capitalist category and the difficulty of its hegemonic project
Bastiaan van Apeldoorn

Brazil’s new imperial capitalism
Virginia Fontes, Ana Garcia

Mass protests: Brazilian spring or Brazilian malaise?
Alfredo Saad-Filho, Lecio Morais

Beyond the labour of sisyphus: Unions and the city
Ian MacDonald

Left cohesion or type cohesion? Working-class politics in Britain
Andrew Murray

Rethinking classification: The lineage of the Socialist Register
Madeleine Davis

Registering category and politics: Fifty years of the Socialist Register
Leo Panitch

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