Socialism the Active Utopia (Routledge Revivals)

Socialism the Active Utopia (Routledge Revivals)

Zygmunt Bauman

Rather than contributing to the long-standing dialogue in regards to the features of the society that socialism proposes to set up, this Routledge Revival, first and foremost released in 1976, goals to discover the influence of the ‘living utopia’ of socialism at the improvement of recent society.

  • It starts with an research of the position of utopia regularly, and of the socialist utopia particularly;
  • Bauman considers the competition among ‘utopian’ and ‘scientific’ social idea;
  • He provides socialism because the ‘counter-culture’ of capitalist society;
  • The ebook eventually examines the explanations for the failure of socialism in its program to the peasant revolution in Russia.

It then explores a few attainable varieties that the socialist utopia may perhaps absorb the economic societies of the past due 20th century. Professor Bauman writes if you are looking to comprehend the common sense of the historic destiny of socialism within the current century, who're fascinated with the validity and power of socialist principles at the improvement of contemporary society, and who're , and maybe pressured, by way of the cultural and ideological conflicts of the previous few many years.

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