Sleep with the Fishes

Sleep with the Fishes

Brian M. Wiprud

Wiseguy Sid “Sleep” Bifulco doesn’t desire no stinkin’ witness safety application. The mobster-turned-snitch, who regularly positioned his sufferers lightly to sleep sooner than whacking them, did his criminal time and now has a brand new rural hideaway and a brand new avocation: trout fishing in a scenic river valley. other than bunch of neighborhood yokels won’t depart him alone.

From a gorgeous trout broker in red mountaineering boots to a cop married to a pregnant porn big name, every person during this little city has an perspective, a grudge or a weigh down on a person. And Sid must determine those yahoos fast—because with a vicious Mafia killer on his path, a warden on his doorstep, and a hugely incriminating videotape making the rounds, it seems that the easy lifestyles isn’t so uncomplicated after all....

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