Should a Christian Be A Mason?

Should a Christian Be A Mason?

David W. Daniels

... while you're a Mason, or are contemplating changing into one . . .
... while you're now not a Mason, yet are looking to comprehend Masonry within the mild of Christianity and the Bible . . .
... while you are a Christian, and also you imagine Masonry is totally appropriate with Bible-believing Christianity . . .
This e-book is for you.

Using quotations from the respectable courses of Masonry, writer David Daniels may help you in finding out what Masonry teaches, in comparison to what the Bible says. For Christians, the Bible is our simply trustworthy resource to profit who God is, and what He wishes for us, together with the right way to get our sins forgiven and feature everlasting lifestyles in heaven with Him. You has to be in a position to solution this query with self assurance and knowing: "Should a Christian be a Mason?" to do this, we have to discover those things:

... the place did Masonry come from?
... What do Masons believe?
... Who do we belief for our information?
... who's God, in line with those relied on authorities?
... Is the God of the Bible kind of like the god of Masonry?

By the tip of this e-book it is possible for you to to reply to those questions for your self.

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