Shiny Objects: Our Obsession with Possession and the Truth About Why We Buy

Shiny Objects: Our Obsession with Possession and the Truth About Why We Buy

James A. Roberts

americans toss out one hundred forty million cellphones each year. We discard 2 million plastic bottles each 5 mins. And our overall credit-card debt as of July 2011 is $793 billion.

Plus, charge cards could make you fat.

the yank Dream used to be based at the trust that any one devoted to thrift and difficult paintings may well create possibilities and attain a greater existence. Now that dream has been decreased to a hyperquantified wish for fancier outfits, sleeker autos, and bigger houses. We've misplaced our manner, yet James Roberts argues that it's now not too overdue to discover it back. In glossy gadgets, he deals us a chance to check our day by day conduct, and once more try for lives of caliber over quantity.

Mining his years of study into the psychology of purchaser habit, Roberts will get to the guts of the often-surprising methods we make our buying judgements. What he and different researchers in his box have chanced on is that it doesn't matter what our source of revenue point, americans think that we want extra to dwell an exceptional lifestyles. yet as our lifestyle has climbed during the last 40 years, our self-reported “happiness levels” have flatlined.

Roberts isn't purely desirous about the GDP or big-ticket purchases--damaging spending conduct play out numerous occasions an afternoon, in methods great and small: he demonstrates that even the volume we spend at our favourite fast-food joint raises at any place from 60 to 100% after we use a bank card rather than money. each time we watch television or activate a radio we're uncovered to advertising and marketing messages (experts estimate as much as 3,000 of them daily). intake is king, and its toll isn't just a monetary one: relationships are anguish, too, as materialism encroaches at the time and price we provide the folk round us.

by means of laying off much-needed gentle at the technological know-how of spending, Roberts empowers readers to make clever adjustments, enhance strength of mind, and curtail spending. the yank Dream remains to be ours for the taking, and glossy gadgets is finally a hopeful assertion in regards to the strength we each one carry to redefine the pursuit of happiness.

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