Steve Alten

Kwan Wilson was once a highschool basketball megastar dwelling in San Diego while a sad twist of fate replaced his lifestyles in methods nobody might are expecting. He merely checked out his cell for a number of seconds, yet that was once for all time it took to crash his motor vehicle right into a cell pole, killing his mom and paralyzing him from the waist down.

After the coincidence his father, Admiral Douglas Wilson, despatched him off to reside together with his maternal grandmother in South Florida. Kwan’s new relevant, watching for his melancholy and isolation, tells him approximately an internship at a genetics lab in Miami that’s trying out shark stem cells on rats in order to therapy melanoma and service spinal accidents. Kwan declines—until he learns the attractive Anya Patel is an intern on the lab. the excellent news is that the stem cells are curing their rat matters; the undesirable information is it alters their DNA loads it kills them. whilst a promising leap forward is made, Kwan hazards his existence and injects himself with the experimental stem cells—altering his future and the lives of thousands within the process.

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