Shark (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Shark (Reaktion Books - Animal)

A smooth hunter of the seas, the shark has struck worry into the hearts of fellows because the days of the 1st fishermen. Dean Crawford now explores the following the lengthy courting among shark and guy, revealing that in the back of the fearsome cartoon is a posh animal that merits a considerate reconsideration.

With a lineage stretching again over a hundred million years, the shark has developed into 350 diversified species, from the good white to the pike-bearing goblin to the tiny cookie-cutter. Crawford compiles right here a desirable narrative that analyzes how and why the animal looms huge in our cultural psyche. whereas sharks have performed a popular half in faith and mythology, they're traditionally perceived as lethal predators—in such movies as Jaws and Dr. No—or as symbols of normal violence, as in Hemingway’s Islands within the Stream. Shark ultimately argues, even though, that our ill-informed emotional responses, spurred by means of such representations, have inspired the wholesale slaughter of sharks—and our lack of know-how endangers the very life of the shark today.

Both a party in their deadly good looks and plea for his or her conservation, Shark urges us to shed our fears and have fun with the beauty of this majestic animal.

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