Shamans Through Time

Shamans Through Time

A survey of 5 centuries of writings at the world's nice shamans-the tricksters, sorcerers, conjurers, and healers who've interested observers for centuries.

This number of essays lines Western civilization's fight to interpret and comprehend the traditional wisdom of cultures that revere magic males and women-individuals with the ability to summon spirits. As written by means of clergymen, explorers, adventurers, ordinary historians, and anthropologists, the items exhibit the beauty of strangers in new worlds. Who have been those amazing magic-makers who imitated the sounds of animals within the evening, or drank tobacco juice via funnels, or wore collars choked with stinging ants?

Shamans via Time is a unprecedented chronicle of adjusting attitudes towards that that is unusual and unexpected. With essays through such acclaimed thinkers as Claude Lévi-Strauss, Black Elk, Carlos Castaneda, and Frank Boas, it presents an grand glimpse into the amazing shamanic practices of cultures all over the world.

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