Shadow Magic (The Lyra Novels)

Shadow Magic (The Lyra Novels)

Patricia C. Wrede

In the magic woods of Lyra, a noblewoman struggles to flee from a faceless man

Trouble is brewing in Alkyra. whereas the kingdom’s noblemen squabble, on their borders an old enemy, the Lithmern, increases a military. because the head of the Noble apartment of Brenn makes an attempt to prepare an alliance, the princess Alethia celebrates her 20th birthday. She is a awesome lady: quick-witted, appealing, and convenient with a throwing knife. yet at the subsequent evening, she passes via a gloomy hall on her technique to the dinner party corridor, and not emerges from the shadows. The Lithmern have abducted the princess.
When Alethia regains awareness, an evil Lithmern with a face made up of shadows is sporting her during the woodland. those are magic woods, domestic to fabled creatures whose lifestyles she has continuously doubted. to discover her approach domestic, Alethia should discover ways to belief within the outdated stories, whose legends of magic and bold carry the single desire of saving her kingdom.

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