Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue

Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue

The silent epidemic of melancholy impacts thousands of individuals and takes dozens of lives daily, whereas our tradition grapples with a stigma opposed to open dialogue of psychological future health matters. Editor Amy Ferris has amassed those tales to light up the reality in the back of that stigma and provide compassion, unity, and desire for all those that have struggled with depression.

Contributors to Shades of Blue include:

  • Barbara Abercrombie
  • Sherry Amatenstein
  • Regina Anavy
  • Chloe Caldwell
  • Jimmy Camp
  • Debra LoGuercio DeAngelo
  • Marika Rosenthal Delan
  • Hollye Dexter
  • Beverly Donofrio
  • Beth Bornstein Dunnington
  • Matt Ebert
  • Betsy Graziani Fasbinder
  • Zoe FitzGerald Carter
  • Pam L. Houston
  • David Lacy
  • Patti Linsky
  • Mark S. King
  • Caroline Leavitt
  • Karen Lynch
  • Lira Maywood
  • C.O. Moed
  • Mark Morgan
  • Linda pleasure Myers
  • Christine Kehl O’Hagan
  • Jennifer Pastiloff
  • Ruth Pennebaker
  • Angela M. Giles Patel
  • Alexa Rosalsky
  • Elizabeth Rosner
  • Kathryn Rountree
  • Kitty Sheehan
  • Jenna Stone
  • judywhite
  • Samantha White

Shades of Blue brings the dialog round melancholy and disappointment into the open with actual, first-hand bills of melancholy and psychological well-being concerns, delivering empathy to all those that were tormented by those issues.

It’s time to scream out loud in contrast silent annihilator: we aren't alone.

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