Secrets of Voodoo

Secrets of Voodoo

Milo Rigaud

Secrets of Voodoo lines the improvement of this advanced faith (in Haiti and the Americas) from its resources within the magnificent civilizations of historic Africa. This publication provides an easy account of the gods or loas and their functionality, the symbols and indicators, rituals, the ceremonial calendar of Voodoo, and the methods for acting magical rites are given.

“Voodoo,” derived from phrases that means “introspection” and “mystery,” is a procedure of trust in regards to the formation of the area and human future with transparent correspondences in different global religions. Rigaud makes those connections and discloses the esoteric that means underlying Voodoo’s outward manifestations, that are usually misinterpreted. Translated from the French through Robert B. pass. Drawings and pictures through Odette Mennesson-Rigaud.

Milo Rigaud used to be born in Port au Prince, Haiti, in 1903, the place he spent the larger a part of his lifestyles learning the Voodoo culture. In Haiti he studied legislation, and in France ethnology, psychology, and theology. The involvement of Voodoo within the political fight of Haitian blacks for independence was once certainly one of his major concerns.

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