Sea Change

Sea Change

Darlene Marshall

American privateer Captain David Fletcher wishes a health professional for his wounded brother. but if he captures a British merchantman within the Caribbean, what he will get is Charley Alcott, an apprentice health professional slightly sufficiently old to shave. wishes take precedence over ability, and Captain Fletcher whisks the prisoner aboard his send with orders to do his most sensible or he'll be jogging the plank.

Charley Alcott's clinical talents are being positioned to the try out in a life-or-death situation--Charley's existence in addition to the patient's. whether Charley can shop the captain's brother, there'll nonetheless be hell to pay, and perhaps a plank to stroll, while Captain Fletcher learns Charley is basically Charlotte Alcott.

A struggle is raging at the world's oceans, and enemies will struggle their very own battles and their charm to one another as they endure a sea switch neither of them is looking forward to, yet can't deny...

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