Science is Golden

Science is Golden

Karl Kruszelnicki

'Nullius in verba', The Royal Society's motto, approximately translated, potential 
 'Take nobody's note for it'. Why now not do the test for your self and notice the truth of nature.

Don't belief authority - belief nature.

Does cranberry juice healing urinary tract infections? Is the hookah particularly a more secure option to smoke? Will the big Hadron Collider break the Earth and the Universe? Is the aim of the peacock's tail to draw adult females? And within the not going occasion of a aircraft crash, are a few seats more secure than others?

The human hand has 27 bones; Uranus has 27 moons; 27 is an ideal dice, being three x three x three; and during this, Dr Karl's twenty seventh e-book, he's taking us on one other exploration of the impressive global of technology.

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