Science And Human Behavior

Science And Human Behavior

B.F Skinner

The psychology classic—a distinctive learn of medical theories of human nature and the prospective ways that human habit will be estimated and controlled—from probably the most influential behaviorists of the 20 th century and the writer of Walden Two.

“This is a crucial e-book, quite good written, and logically in keeping with the fundamental premise of the unitary nature of technology. Many scholars of society and tradition might take violent factor with many of the issues that Skinner has to assert, yet even those that disagree so much will locate this a stimulating book.” —Samuel M. powerful, The American magazine of Sociology

“This is a notable book—remarkable in that it offers a powerful, constant, and all yet exhaustive case for a usual technology of human behavior…It should be…valuable for these whose personal tastes lie with, in addition to these whose personal tastes stand opposed to, a behavioristic method of human activity.” —Harry Prosch, Ethics

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