Scavenger Reef

Scavenger Reef

Laurence Shames

Augie Silver is a winning Key West artist whose paintings brings a good, if no longer striking, cost on the finer big apple galleries.

Then Augie, an avid sailor, disappears into the Carribean. His spouse, Nina, grieves, and his neighbors hoist a couple of to his reminiscence. in the meantime, Augie's agent organizes a retrospective show of the Silver assortment; the exhibit is a giant luck, and the price of Augie's paintings is going throughout the roof, prompting the painter's acquaintances to gain that the photographs putting on their partitions, principally presents from their good friend Augie, at the moment are worthy a fortune.

Hold every thing!

Here's Augie, alive back. His boat broke aside in a hurricane, yet he floated ashore and, after a bout of amnesia, has eventually lower back to his loved Nina. She's delighted, yet Augie's buddies -- seeing their expected pile of lucre decrease -- aren't so convinced.

Soon Arnie's lifestyles is at risk back -- this time from a person attempting to safeguard his or her funding. conscientiously drawn characters -- Key West eccentrics, ordinarily -- and a languid, poetic sort mix with a shrewdpermanent plot for an strange and intensely enjoyable secret.

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