Saxon: The Book of Dreams

Saxon: The Book of Dreams

Tim Severin

Sigwulf, a minor Saxon prince, is kept from execution after his family members is slaughtered by means of the ruthless King Offa of Mercia. due to his Devil's Mark - his eyes of alternative shades - Sigwulf is exiled to the Frankish courtroom of King Carolus, the longer term Charlemagne. There Sigwulf survives on his wits whereas whilst attempting to come to phrases with disturbingly prophetic dreams.

He profits the friendship of count number Hroudland, Carolus's robust and bold nephew - yet, mysteriously, numerous makes an attempt are made on Sigwulf's lifestyles. while he obtains a ebook of goals, a unprecedented textual content that explains their that means, he draws the eye of Carolus himself. yet th e-book proves to be a slippery advisor in an international of double dealing. despatched into Spain to undercover agent at the Saracens, Sigwulf turns into stuck among loyalties; both he honors his debt to new Saracen neighbors, or he serves count number Hroudland in his quest for glory, gold or even the Grail itself.

One after one other Sigwulf's predictions come precise, yet usually no longer as anticipated, and he reveals himself swept ahead right into a ultimate nice conflict that unearths who his enemies are...

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