Savory Bites: Meals You can Make in Your Cupcake Pan

Savory Bites: Meals You can Make in Your Cupcake Pan

Hollis Wilder

Hollis Wilder, the 1st two-time champion of foodstuff Network’s Cupcake Wars takes the conventional candy cupcake in a brand new course, with clean flavors and a brand new savory glance. The trusty cupcake pan works simply besides for pleasant mini food because it does for decadent goodies. Small, uniform parts aid you keep away from overeating, and the nutrients are ideal for making prior to time and freezing for the week in unmarried or family-size parts. Hollis offers counsel for having childrens support with the cooking to make a extra relaxing kin mealtime. With a hundred interesting recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, reminiscent of Apple-Sausage Breakfast truffles, Fig and Blue Cheese truffles, Pumpkin Risotto, and Curried bird with Mango, Savory Bites proves a cupcake pan isn’t only for goodies and is bound to thrill any palate or budget.

compliment for Savory Bites:

“While Wilder channels her internal Julia baby with up to date aspic recipes that includes roasted greens, different dishes are easily convenience meals in cupcake tins.” —

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