Salamis 480 BC: The naval campaign that saved Greece

Salamis 480 BC: The naval campaign that saved Greece

William Shepherd

Osprey's learn of a very important conflict of the Grerco-Persian Wars (499-449 BC). Weeks after the fantastic catastrophe at Thermopylae and heavy yet inconclusive combating at sea off Artemisium, with Athens now in barbarian palms and the Acropolis burned, the Greeks dramatically halted the Persian invasion of 480BC. They introduced the 600-strong Persian fleet to conflict with their 350 triremes within the restrained waters of the straits of Salamis and, via a mixture of better strategies and combating spirit, received a crushing victory. This drove the Persian army out of the western Aegean and enabled the Hellenic Alliance to mix its manpower in adequate strength to break the large occupying military within the following 12 months. Victory over the Persians secured the fifth century flowering of Greek and, particularly, Athenian tradition and associations that so motivated the following improvement of western civilisation.

This booklet attracts broadly at the findings of archaeological, technological and naval learn, in addition to at the ancient resources to vividly recreate the most vital naval campaigns in international history.

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