Safe C++: How to avoid common mistakes

Safe C++: How to avoid common mistakes

Vladimir Kushnir

It’s effortless to make plenty of programming error in C++—in truth, any software over a couple of hundred traces is probably going to comprise insects. With this ebook, you’ll know about many universal coding mistakes that C++ programmers produce, besides ideas and methods you should use to prevent them.

Author Vladimir Kushnir exhibits you ways to take advantage of his secure C++ library, established partially on programming practices constructed by way of the C++ neighborhood. You’ll not just locate recipes for determining blunders in the course of your program’s compilation, runtime, and trying out levels, you’ll examine a complete method for making your C++ code secure and bug-free.

  • Get recipes for dealing with ten diverse blunders varieties, together with reminiscence leaks and uninitialized variables
  • Discover difficulties C++ inherited from C, like pointer arithmetic
  • Insert transitority and everlasting sanity tests to seize error at runtime
  • Apply computer virus prevention strategies, reminiscent of utilizing separate sessions for every info type
  • Pursue a checking out technique to hunt and fasten one computer virus at a time—before your code is going into production

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