Rules of Surrender (Governess Brides, Book 1)

Rules of Surrender (Governess Brides, Book 1)

Christina Dodd

The principles of Employment for the prestigious Academy of Governesses: never forget your station. ensure that you do retain a disciplined schoolroom. and not, ever turn into too acquainted with the grasp of the house...

Lady Charlotte Dalrumple is named England's so much right governess, a lady who hasn't ever taken a misstep socially--or romantically. at the floor, she turns out ideally fitted to simply accept the problem of reforming Lord Wynter Ruskin, unfortunately uncivilized by means of his travels abroad.

But Wynter has no wish to study manners. He glimpsed an uninhibited attractiveness hiding underneath Charlotte's prim external, and he'd a lot fairly spend his days--and nights--instructing her within the pleasures of the physique and the passions of the guts. yet ahead of they could love either also needs to grasp the Rules of Surrender.

Book #2 of Christina Dodd's hottest historic series, The Governess Brides, in booklet and paperback!

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