Rules of Attraction (Governess Brides, Book 3)

Rules of Attraction (Governess Brides, Book 3)

Christina Dodd

To the landlord of the prestigious Academy of Governesses
Dear Madame Owner, I am searching for an skilled spouse for my candy, aged, a bit dotty aunt, and that significant other needs to be:
1. Tall, blonde and twenty-seven years of age.
2. Desirous of residing in an historical fortress in an remoted quarter of Lancashire.
3. now not anxious approximately any sinister rumors approximately me.
4. You.
Sincerely, the newly titled Marquess of Raeburn

From the landlord of the prestigious Academy of Governesses
My pricey, mysterious Lord Raeburn, Coincidentally, I satisfy your whole necessities. despite the fact that, as to accepting this place, I insist at the following:
1. That no curiosity be proven in my past.
2. That i've got the unfastened time to discover Lancashire for purposes that i cannot divulge.
3. that you just no longer hassle to disclaim your culpability within the disappearance of your wife.
4. that we are going to now not delight in familiarity that would absolutely lead to another disastrous, passionate interlude among us.
Sincerely, Hannah Setterington

Read an Excerpt:
            Mrs. Trenchard curtsied and introduced, "Miss Hannah Setterington, my lord."
            For one second he stood stiffly, a lonely determine anticipating ... whatever. Then in a low, deep voice he commanded, "Leave us."
            Hannah's breath caught. 
            That voice. That tone. 
            Her middle gave a thud. Then one other. Then one other, marking each one moment, every one pleasure, each one fear.
            From the again he gave the impression of ... and the mirrored image within the glass looked to be familiar. 
            But she knew how unsuitable she might be. whilst he dwelt in her innovations, all males appeared like him. 
            And but ... and but ...
            Vaguely, she heard the door close. Slowly, he grew to become to stand her. 
            And the foreboding which had haunted her for 9 years grew to become reality. 
            She had heard rumors this guy had killed his spouse. She knew he had not. Because she was once his wife.

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