Rule of Evidence (JAG in Space #3)

Rule of Evidence (JAG in Space #3)

John G. Hemry

The fight for justice one of the stars is a endless struggle…
At the very fringe of South Asian Alliance territory, the USS Michaelson is accomplishing maneuvers along her sister send, the USS Maury, in a exhibit of army energy. The Michaelson’s criminal officer, Lieutenant Paul Sinclair, is happy, on account that his female friend, Lieutenant Jen Shen, is serving aboard the Maury as an engineer. The operation goes by way of the numbers—until the Maury is wracked by way of devastating explosions and its engineering part is destroyed.

Paul is thrilled while Jen is located alive, yet his happiness is short-lived. Jen, because the sole survivor in Engineering, is suspected of negligence—or worse, sabotage—and faces court-martial. Now Paul needs to discover what particularly brought on the explosions. however the extra he learns, the extra he faces the negative  possibility that the lady he loves will be accountable of sabotage and murder...

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