Mystery, Lovedrop, Matador

Revelation is the flagship product and reputable corporation Bible for It contains contributions from secret, writer of The secret strategy: tips on how to Get appealing girls Into mattress, Matador, his co-star on VH1's The Pick-up Artist, and their accomplice Lovedrop.

Comparing Revelation to The secret approach: how one can Get appealing ladies Into mattress, Lovedrop said:

Revelation is a deep exploration of an identical subject material [as The secret technique: find out how to Get attractive girls Into mattress] yet Revelation is a totally diversified booklet. It includes very refined, deep and excessive content material and is intended to be taken in through the years. i exploit it for education teachers. it's also extra entire than the 1st booklet, it's up to date, and higher captures the essence and nuance of Mystery's video game. Revelation will serve, lengthy into the long run, because the respectable corporation bible the following at Venusian Arts. the shape of the booklet is sort of a grimoire. (A spellbook.)

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