Rereading Capital

Rereading Capital

Ben Fine, Laurence Harris

the method during which Ben high quality and Laurence Harris simplified their early paintings "Reading Capital," in addition to their accounting of the debate among the Neo-Ricardinas and the Fundamentalists, encouraged me to use Occam's Razor to my past paintings, condensing it into "Capitalism vs. fiscal Democracy."

Fine and Harris recreate the dialectics of the research of "Capital" because it strikes from the field of creation in Vol. 1, in the course of the sphere of movement in Vol. 2, and at last to redistribution of capital in Vol. three: a dialectical approach neither the neo-Ricardians nor the Fundamentalists stick with in analysing the connection among "Capital" and Sraffa's "Production of Commodities via Commodities."

Fine and Harris stream from the "statics," as they placed it, of Marx' idea of price vs. expense, and effective vs. unproductive labour, to the "dynamics" (again borrowing from mechanical engineering suggestions) of the legislations of the tendency of the speed of revenue to fall, and theories of capitalist crises.

They then proceed to the advance of the connection of the kingdom to capitalism, from the laissez-faire period to the increase of state-monopoly capitalism in an imperialist context, which they observed as being heavily challenged via Reagan and Thatcher after they wrote "Rereading Capital" in 1979.

Thus, "Rereading Capital" issues to an realizing of "Production of Commodities via Commodities" as a prelude to "Capital," in addition to to the increase and fall of neoliberalism which all started simply as "Rereading Capital" was once being written, and that's now coming to an lead to favour of one other period of country capitalism: it encouraged me to reexamine my very own paintings, and therefore write "Capitalism vs. financial Democracy." i'm hoping that others locate "Rereading Capital" equally inspiring.

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