Requiem's Song: Dawn of Dragons, Book 1

Requiem's Song: Dawn of Dragons, Book 1

Daniel Arenson

Weredragons, males name them. Monsters. Cursed ones. those that can develop into beastly reptiles.

In an historic international simply emerging from darkness, they're all over. a few wander the plains with clans of giant hunters. Others are born in riverside huts. a few dwell around the ocean the place seafaring tribes are getting to know the secrets and techniques of bronze and writing in clay. in all places their curse is the same--people who can develop wings, breathe fireplace, and take flight as dragons.

And all over, they're hunted. They disguise in forests and caves, dispersed. Many are by myself, unaware that others exist. they're kept away from, afraid, demise . . . till a gaggle of those misplaced souls binds jointly and stands tall.

A blacksmith in an international of stone instruments. A immense hunter exiled from her tribe. A touring juggler and a wandering warrior. An aged druid and an outcast prince. they're weredragons. they're cursed and hunted. jointly they'll forge a brand new tribe, a house for his or her sort. A sunrise of dragons rises. The state of Requiem is born.

In 2011, Blood of Requiem introduced readers to legendary Requiem, a land the place humans can develop into dragons. The ebook and its sequels went directly to promote over 250,000 copies, beautiful readers round the world. Requiem's Song returns to Requiem with a brand new tale--for either new readers and previous fans--of wings, claws, and dragonfire.

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