Replacing Home: From Primordial Hut to Digital Network in Contemporary Art

Replacing Home: From Primordial Hut to Digital Network in Contemporary Art

Jennifer Johung

From estate deeds to transport packing containers to wearable shelters to digital areas: what does it suggest to attract a spatial boundary? To be at domestic? In an international during which notions of position are regularly altering, Jennifer Johung seems at new buildings of staying in place—in modern site-specific paintings, electronic media, moveable structure, and numerous different that you can think of shelters and sites.

Replacing Home means that whereas “place” could not be a sustainable class, being in position and belonging at domestic are still attainable. by means of emphasizing reusability instead of fastened structures, paintings and structure jointly suggest a variety of structures of exchanging domestic within which websites should be revisited, fabric buildings could be renewed, and dwellers can come again into touch over the years. Bringing jointly a number of gadgets and occasions, Johung considers the structural replacements of domestic as obvious in inventive analogies of the prehistoric hut, modular houses, transformable clothing, and digitally networked sites.

In charting those intersections among modern paintings and structure, Replacing domestic introduces a brand new framework for reconceptualizing spatial scenario; whilst, it provides a brand new method to adventure being and belonging inside our globally increased environments.

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