Reign of Hell (Sven Hassel War Classics)

Reign of Hell (Sven Hassel War Classics)

Sven Hassel

A unexpected curtain of silence fell over the burning urban. All which may be heard used to be the regular crackling of flames...

Hitler's penal regiments strengthen on Poland. Himmler has given the order: Warsaw has to be razed to the floor.

But the Polish domestic military will not be prepared to provide in to the German troops so simply.

As town erupts into an inferno of flames and gunfire, Sven and his comrades locate themselves stuck among the sadism of the SS and the guerrilla war of the Polish Resistance...

REIGN OF HELL is a gripping perception into the Warsaw rebellion of 1944, and the bloodshed that ensued because the Polish attempted desperately to free up themselves from the German profession.

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