Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin

Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin

Catherine Merridale

The Kremlin is the center of the Russian nation, its very identify a byword for enduring strength. From Ivan the negative to Vladimir Putin, generations of Russian leaders have sought to exploit the Kremlin to legitimize their imaginative and prescient of statehood. To at the present time, its pink stars and golden crosses blazing part by means of aspect, the Kremlin fulfills a centuries-old position: linking the country's current to its far-off prior and proclaiming the everlasting continuity of the Russian state.

Drawing on a stunning array of resources from unseen documents and infrequent collections, well known historian Catherine Merridale lines the whole background of this enigmatic compound of palaces and cathedrals, whose blood-red partitions have witnessed greater than 8 hundred years of political drama and notable violence. And with the Kremlin as a different lens, Red Fortress brings into concentration the evolution of Russia's tradition and the which means of its politics.

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