Rat (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Rat (Reaktion Books - Animal)

Jonathan Burt

The rat has been defined because the shadow of the human: from precedent days via at the present time, it has guy through routes of trade and conquest to ultimately inhabit approximately every thing of the area. Rats have a foul reputation—they unfold ailment, spoil agricultural produce, and thrive within the darkest corners of human habitation—but they've got lately chanced on credibility as an enormous source for clinical experimentation. Jonathan Burt the following strains the fortunes of the rat in background, fable, and culture.

Central to Rat is the historical past of the connection among people and rats and, specifically, the advanced human attitudes towards those sensible creatures. Burt examines why the rat is seen as extra loathsome and verminous than different parasitic animals and considers why people have had diametrically adversarial attitudes concerning the rat: a few cultures enormously appreciate the rat for its abilities, whereas others think of the rat the scourge of the earth. Burt additionally attracts on quite a lot of examples to discover the rat's position in technological know-how, tradition, and artwork, from its appearances in kid's literature resembling The Wind within the Willows to Victorian rat- and dog-baiting pits to its symbolic roles in folklore.

Rat bargains an interesting and richly illustrated research of 1 of nature's so much amazing creatures and finally unearths that the rat exists as a perverse totem for the worst excesses of human behavior.

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