Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

Radical Cities: Across Latin America in Search of a New Architecture

Justin McGuirk

What makes the town of the long run? How do you heal a divided urban?

In Radical Cities, Justin McGuirk travels throughout Latin the United States looking for the activist architects, maverick politicians and substitute groups already answering those questions. From Brazil to Venezuela, and from Mexico to Argentina, McGuirk discovers the folk and ideas shaping the way in which towns are evolving.

Ever because the mid 20th century, whilst the dream of modernist utopia went to Latin the United States to die, the continent has been a checking out flooring for stimulating new conceptions of town. An architect in Chile has designed a sort of social housing the place in basic terms half the home is outfitted, permitting the vendors to evolve the remaining; Medellín, previously the world’s homicide capital, has been remodeled with leading edge public structure; squatters in Caracas have taken over the forty-five-story Torre David skyscraper; and Rio is on a undertaking to include its favelas into the remainder of town.

Here, within the such a lot urbanised continent in the world, severe towns have bred severe stipulations, from big housing estates to sprawling slums. yet after a long time of social and political failure, a brand new new release has revitalised structure and concrete layout for you to handle chronic poverty and inequality. jointly, those activists, pragmatists and social idealists are acting daring experiments that the remainder of the area might study from.

Radical Cities is a colourful trip via Latin America—a crucible of architectural and concrete innovation.

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