Prince Charming (Ascension Trilogy, Book 3)

Prince Charming (Ascension Trilogy, Book 3)

Gaelen Foley

unique book: 2000

"There is megastar caliber during this writer!" raves the Romantic instances approximately proficient writer Gaelen Foley. Her love tales are jam-packed with wonderful settings, beautiful characters, and unforgettable passion.

Destiny casts its hand one ideal moonlit evening whilst Ascencion's such a lot elusive highwayman, the Masked Rider, chooses the inaccurate trainer to rob.  For inside of is Rafael, the prince of the dominion, well known for his hot-blooded goals of ladies and different decadent pleasures. The failed raid leaves the both infamous Masked Rider wounded and dealing with a hangman's noose. Then Rafe realizes his captive legal is girl Daniela Chiaramonte, a defiant good looks who torments him, awakening his senses and his middle as no lady has before.

Dani can purely ponder whether she's been brought to heaven or hell as soon as she has the same opinion to marry the main fascinating guy within the Mediterranean--until forces of treachery threaten to wreck their tenuous alliance and produce down the throne itself. . . .

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