Pot Farm

Pot Farm

Matthew Gavin Frank

After 8 months in his formative years domestic assisting his mom via her bout with melanoma, Matthew Frank and his spouse have been themselves determined for convenience. they discovered sanctuary within the very unlikely place—amid a set of outcasts and eccentrics on a plot of land miles outdoor their convenience quarter: a “mostly scientific” marijuana farm in California.

Pot Farm info the unusual, elegant, and occasionally risky goings-on at Weckman Farm, a spot with hidden politics and social hierarchies, populated by way of improving drug addicts, replacement healers, pseudo-hippie little ones, and scientific marijuana clients trying to provide again. there's additionally woman Wanda, the big, elusive, prosperous, and seriously armed businesswoman who owns the farm and runs it from underneath a housedress and a hat of peacock feathers. Frank explores some of the roles that let this to work—from box pickers to tractor drivers, chefs to yoga teachers, managers to snipers, unlawful immigrants to criminal revisionists, and the supply staff to the hospice employees at the different finish. His ebook additionally seems to be on the blurry laws regulating the marijuana in addition to the daily logistics of working such an operation and all of the relationships that brings into play.

Through firsthand observations and studies (some encouraged via the farm’s money crop), interviews, and study, Pot Farm exposes a thriving yet unsung faction of latest American culture.

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