Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis

Tony Hawks

It does not take a lot - "£100 is mostly adequate" - to cajole Tony Hawks to take off on notoriously strange and hilarious adventures in keeping with of venture. And so it's, a unnecessary argument with a chum concludes in a chance - that Tony cannot beat all 11 contributors of the Moldovan football group at tennis. And with the loser of the guess agreeing to strip bare on Balham excessive street and sing the Moldovan nationwide anthem, this one was once simply too solid to resist.

The resulting unpredictable and infrequently hilarious event sees him being taken in via Moldovan gypsies and narrowly stay away from kidnap in Transnistria. It sees him smuggle his manner directly to the Moldovan nationwide workforce trainer in Coleraine and witness (almost) divine intervention within the Holy Land.

In this inspiring and enormously humorous ebook, Tony Hawks has performed it back, proving opposed to all odds that there's no cause on this planet why you cannot do anything a section silly and turn out your whole doubters improper. Or at the least that was once the idea....

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